11 Ways To Detox your Life

11 Ways To Detox your Life

Live your best life mindfully! Your home is your space to relax, refresh, and rest. It’s where you’re able to center yourself and enjoy each moment of the day. It’s your safe haven. Here are a few tips for making your home a more safe and pleasant place. 

1) Clean-Burning Soy Candles

Candles are usually used to lift the mood, give off an intoxicating aroma, or simply add some decor. Unfortunately, conventional candles tend to contain toxins and are linked to cancer, allergies, and asthma. For example, paraffin wax candles release carcinogenic smoke and toxins as they burn. Clean-burning candles allow you to enjoy your favorite scent without worrying about what may be polluting the air. For a wondrous and intoxicating natural candle company try Mad et Len

2) Choose Organic Dry Cleaners

Make sure when you’re dropping off your clothes that you’re leaving it in the hands of people who won’t use harmful chemicals. Remember that you will be applying the fabric directly to your skin. So if you wouldn’t dare clean your skin with these chemicals, then you shouldn’t clean your clothes with them either. Look for dry cleaners which only use organic and natural products. 

3) Clean, Safe Cosmetics and Hair Products

Looking good is a must! From makeup to hair, everyone has products they use to enhance their beauty. When putting together your collection of beauty products, keep it clean. Using natural and clean products will not only make you look beautiful at the moment but keep your skin from looking damaged over time. 

4) Purchase Natural Furniture

Steer clear of any foam or synthetics. Instead look for natural wood, wool, or cotton furniture and rugs. These are objects you’ll have skin contact with on a daily basis, so make it safe and toxic-free. 

5) Buy Natural and Unbleached

Our skin can absorb anything it comes in contact with. Before picking out your new wardrobe or decorating your master bed and bathroom, be proactive by only choosing clothes, towels, and sheets that are made with natural, unbleached fibers. There are some serious environmental and health issues associated with bleaching fabric. Not to mention, bleached fibers can cause skin irritation. 

6) Toxic-Free House Cleaning Supplies

We all want to keep our homes nice and clean. Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t realize what cost when using products that contain heavy chemicals. Clean your house safely by adding organic, non-toxic cleaning supplies to your collection at home. 

7) Shop Local and Organic Foods

The safest choice when grocery shopping is always local. Local produce has a longer time on the vines because it has a short distance to travel. If you’re not buying locally you run the risk of eating foods that have been contaminated or even tampered with. buying local also puts money back into your community! Choose to eat cleaner and support your community at the same time. 

8) Filter Your Water

Wash away your concern of impurities coming through your shower head and kitchen faucet by using a filter. Unfiltered shower heads can contain chlorine and other harmful chemicals that your skin will absorb. Install a filter on the showerhead and use a carbon filtration system for your kitchen sink faucet. 

9) BPA-Free Water Bottles

BPA is found in polycarbonate, which is for making water bottles and containers. BPA can wreak havoc on your body. It is linked to numerous health concerns like heart disease, infertility, obesity, etc. Don’t risk it! Stick with plastic water bottles that are BPA-free and drink clean. 

10) Purify The Air

How clean your air ducts are is how clean your breathing is! The majority of us spend a good portion of our time at home. Many people tend to forget about getting ducts cleaned, and instead only concern themselves with their filters and purifiers. Although it is beneficial to use air purifiers, making the choice of getting the air ducts cleaned in your home could make an even greater difference in your breathing. This is great for anyone who suffers from any respiratory issues like asthma. 

11) Go Aluminum-Free in The Kitchen

This is for all of you who absolutely love to cook but want to savor your meals safely. Aluminum is hazardous and can leach into your food. Keep your kitchen aluminum-free. Try an alternative to aluminum foil-like parchment paper. Don’t use any pots, pans, or utensils that contain aluminum to ensure a ‘clean’ house. 

– Hudson and James Staff, 2020