I Tried Collagen and This is What Happened

I Tried Collagen and This is What Happened

Alright, I’ll admit it, I was never the guy that carried a shaker bottle of whey protein around the gym in order to improve my muscle mass after a tough workout. But trying collagen felt like a no-brainer, collagen has been around for a good 10 years and a lot of my friends were true collagen believers. 

Here’s what happened after I added a couple of scoops of collagen to my day. I used one scoop in the A.M. in a drink, and another scoop at dinner mixed somewhere, somehow into my food!

I was full until lunch

So the Hudson and James brand have 3 types of collagen and I used the Unflavored and the Chocolate Keto Collagen (there's a Pink Lemonade too). I put the unflavored in my coffee and since each scoop is 10g of protein and 20% of your daily allowance, it's safe to say that the protein is super filling! Plus it’s taste-free, it made my coffee and my smoothie really taste like a coffee and smoothie! What makes this collagen cool is that it dissolves easily into any food that I happened to be making for dinner that night. I even added it to some of my takeout orders! Another big plus is that heating it doesn't mess with the benefits of collagen. 

Hudson and James Collagen Protein Peptide Powder(s)

My joints are less crunchy

I think due to the crazy amount of CrossFit I’ve done in the past five years my knees constantly ache and creak. But during the last month of my experiment, my knees have not been making the disturbing noise they normally make when I crouch down or go up the stairs. For this reason alone, I’m all in...for life!

Bottom line: Go for it

If you want to introduce collagen to your diet to lose some extra lbs or help with joint problems I recommend you do it. I’ve noticed that it also makes my hair and beard grow fast and helps with premature aging and gut health...but those things aren’t as important to me.