Is your daily routine damaging your skin?

Is your daily routine damaging your skin?

Hey are you aware that some daily habits and activities can add to damaging our healthy skin?

Unfortunately, there are many culprits that contribute to skin problems. You’re likely aware that the time spent in front of a laptop or on the phone exposes us to the damaging blue light these screens emit. Other triggers are stress, sun exposure, diet, and that most of us don’t drink enough water.

Let’s face it, skin issues can have an emotional impact leaving us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin.

Did you know that acne, brown spots, wrinkles, or dull skin are all conditions that can be fixed if you follow a corrective daily routine? Solutions to these conditions can be addressed from the inside by ingesting collagen, or outside by applying high performing products to the skin’s surface.

First, we suggest using collagen every day to strengthen and plump your complexion. You’ll be amazed by the way your skin responds in a very short amount of time. Not to mention all the other benefits collagen brings to the table!

We also recommend using retinol to encourage gentle exfoliation, that removes the dull top layer of skin that can make us appear tired and dry and make the appearance of lines and wrinkles look worse.

When you exfoliate, that makes it easier for hydrating face oil to penetrate because it’s no longer blocked by a dead layer of skin. Without the exfoliation step, we are wasting any hydrating product we apply. Hydration is key and can show visible results immediately if you’re following a solid beauty routine.

It’s important to invest in your skin health. Making lifestyle adjustments and incorporating elevated products will combat skin issues if you use products with high concentrations of impressive ingredients that support glowing skin. Collagen and the right skin care program can help you feel empowered that you can reverse many of the issues you’ve been experiencing.

With Gratitude,
Hudson and James