Would you like to dip your toe into the clean skincare space? Then we would encourage you to lean into our organic skincare products that are sourced and vetted for efficacy.

We feel responsible for informing our clients about the products that they purchase and what they're choosing to put on their bodies. At Hudson and James, we make a conscious decision to curate our beauty brand without any additives that could be dangerous to humanity or the environment.

We make our formulas in hand-crafted, micro-batches to ensure that our skincare is free from aging carcinogens, toxins, synthetic color, fragrance, glycols, DEA, TEA, parabens, paraffin, nitrosamine releasers, and lauryl sulfates. The beauty line is also vegan and cruelty-free. We test our products on friends and family, never on animals!

We don't believe in using cost-cutting fillers or ingredients in our products. Every ingredient is powerful and has a job to do and all of the ingredients contribute to your overall good health and beauty. The ingredients that we use are naturally renewable and plentiful. We also take pride in sourcing a large variety of Fair-Trade ingredients from all over the globe. Many of the ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms or co-ops to help provide fair wages and valuable income to support women, families, and entire communities. We believe in quality over quantity, which translates to no mass-produced ingredients.

Our clean products will never make you choose between health and results or between natural and high-performance. We formulate every product that you use in or on your body without compromise. PERIOD.