Not All Collagen Is Created Equal

We know the vitamin aisles can be confusing, but there are only a handful of supplements that can help you hit the reset button the way our collagen peptides do.

Multi-Collagen is a modern essential that supports an age-defying, pain-free existence. Because it’s made from only the highest quality ingredients you will see and feel compelling results within weeks. We believe that quality is everything. We think that what you put in your body becomes your body. We maintain that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. We know that by adding WELLNESS PLEASE Multi-Collagen daily it can give you peace of mind. Let multi-collagen be a versatile tool in your health and wellness arsenal.

  • Helps strengthen keratin, the main component in hair, including lashes and beards. Also helps to strengthen nails as well*

  • Increases the moisture content of skin by 12%. Aids in elasticity and quickly regenerates skin cells. Can support acne prone skin, reduce wrinkles, large pores, scarring and stretch marks. MULTI-COLLAGEN can reduce the appearance of cellulite by strengthening the dermis*

  • Increases energy and muscle strength for weekend warriors or athletes. Reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and recovery time. Also helps to repair muscle tissue faster*

  • Balances hormones*

  • Improves circulation*

  • Increases blood vessel flexibility, which is essential for good cardiovascular health and mens' erections*

  • Helps to build lean muscle, regulates the metabolism and supports the fat burning process*

  • MULTI-COLLAGEN boasts 2 types of bone broth protein (chicken + bovine) that keep you full longer and reduces cravings*

  • Increases digestion, gut health, and flora*

  • Promotes regularity and detoxification of the colon*

  • Heals wounds and fractures faster*

  • Provides better sleep due to hormone balance*

  • Supports cognitive function and memory*

  • Helps calm the brain and balances moods*

  • Aids in controlling high blood pressure*

| + || + ||| + V + X TYPES OF MULTI – COLLAGEN

TYPE | - Boosts skin regeneration and elasticity. Supports muscle and bone health
TYPE || - Reduces joint pain and degeneration, supports cardiovascular health, including artery flexibility
TYPE ||| - Supports hair growth and skin hydration. Promotes glycine which builds lean muscle. Also supports the bone matrix
TYPE V - Aids with the surface of skin and hair cells. Removes waste and supports tissue quality
TYPE X - Helps target artery and bone formation